Thing of the Week: Blueberry Smoothie

27 Jan

blueberrysmoothieHello my lovelies, how is your part of the woods this weekend? Ours has been sunny and warm, which makes it more relaxing even when working and keeping busy with Ro rascal and the Persian cat!!

This morning my little Persian cat/princess asked me to make her a blueberry smoothie. Not one to discourage good taste in food and delicious healthy snacks I googled the basic ingredients of a smoothie and ran around like a headless chicken throwing caution to the wind ingredients in the blender.

Then I switched it on and apparently it is on public holiday a day early for it refused to whizz up my creation! Buggery. Ro and Pershi were that disappointed that the noisy machinery had failed – their faces dropped, denied the excitement a loud creative piece of kitchen equipment tends to make.

Have no fear, the kitchen-change-it-up-a-bit-woman is here!!! I didn’t actually say that, that is just who I am. Have recipe will tweak it. Have idea will give it a go. Don’t panic, I generally only prepare meals for guests when I have actually deemed them quality first!

Right, so I transferred everything to a big bowl and whizzed that baby up with my stick blender. It all turned out for the best. Of course. I knew that.

My Persian cat adored the smoothie and had a very tall glass of it. I can only feel all puffed up like a proud mother cat that she had just ingested a tall glass of goodness!

High-five self! Ahem. Even though it was her ingenious idea. She really is a lot smarter than any other member of our little family. I’ve been telling her all her life I’ll be living with her later. She’s going to be a Doctor. Been saying it since she was 2. Acts like it all the time. I’m really okay with that. Obviously. The Ro rascal has said he’ll invite me over for bbq chicken and build me a big house. I’m very happy to oblige, since I have basically implied which child I have chosen as future winner-of-the-mother. But don’t worry, I know he’ll thank me later and won’t really remember any childhood disappointment about the fact. He’ll probably very easily compartmentalize the whole thing!

Without further torture adieu, here is the recipe. You are very welcome (I promise, it’s that good)!!!

Blueberry Smoothie


1 1/2 C frozen blueberries

1 1/2 C milk (I used whole – but be on a diet if you must and use trim)

3/4 – 1 C unsweetened natural yoghurt (I used Greek, which is very thick)

2 Tbsp castor sugar

1 large banana


Put all ingredients in the blender and whizz until well blended and sugar has dissolved. Serve au naturel.

This wants for nothing else and is a healthy breakfast or snack time smoothie.

Remember my lovelies to take time for yourself this coming week, and do something just for yourself to ensure your well-being is being taken care of! 


Hot Shot 02/13

25 Jan

Hello my lovelies, how has your week been? Looking forward to the weekend? I suppose these days, like infomercials, some of us work most days of the week!


sometimes things just capture you and you cannot forget them or you feel amazed, interested, touched, or simply surprised at them.

Persia quite likes infomercials. I can’t abide them. At. All. They are playing now so I guess she wins!

Today while preparing lunch Pershi rabbit’s little face looked up at me and said very matter-of-factly that “when I’m older I won’t use snail gel for my skin I’ll only use Pro-Active.”

I think it’s good to know what you want!

Also, and snail gel? What?

Happy day lovelies!


Heart Floors.

23 Jan


My heart is flawed. And by flawed I mean floored and flawed.

More often than not I spend my nights on the floor. I drag a bunch of blankets into a room where the children are asleep (usually their room sometimes mine) and I make a makeshift mattress and lay down and think. I think of sleep and the things I am worried about and good things and scary things and just things.

It’s a difficult time of night for me mostly.

I am floored by the fact that I don’t feel happy and that I cannot sleep sometimes and that when this happens (most nights) I make my makeshift mattress close by my babies and I feel better. Safe.

But I worry. What does this mean for me? I know what it means for them. Everything in many ways. They feel me close by. They wake relaxed and happy to see me close. But what about me? What happens when I can no longer viably do that? When they don’t want or need me to?

What does it make of me? A bumbling mama who needs her children so much and then I will be that empty shell that they evacuated when they leave the nest and my nest around me won’t be filled with them and I cannot move my little bit of downy fluff mattress closer to their downy fluff mattress and feel happier, better, safer?

Tonight I worry about that. Tonight I lay down on their floor before they were asleep because I was tired and I thought we’d sleep but even Persia couldn’t sleep tonight. From the heat. She tossed and turned and sighed and grizzled and wanted to sleep with me. I said no.

After 10 minutes I patted her bed and she wrapped her fingers around my fingers and I gently pulled. She gathered the notion and like a swallow to it’s nest she flew down to me. She lay with her head on me. I kept my breath and my pulse relaxed, calm and slow. Her little breath slowed until she met the sandman and snuggled into her calmness of sleep.

It’s then that I realise it doesn’t matter about me for now. As always, I will adapt to change, no matter what that is, and I will survive. I have so much in my heart to be grateful for. There is no time to regret or worry about the what if’s, there are just too many to consider.


I think I might be afraid of being that one stuck in the I am a Mama persona where she herself (Who? the cat’s mother?) gets lost being something for everyone who needs her.

But then I realised that I’m not lost I’m just playing the mama role, wearing the mama hat, as lead character driving my life right now. Then this rings a bell “it’s more about “The chance to trace over and over and over myself…” currently I am drawing parent circles around, over, and through the wife and student outlines and I love the increasing depth and rounded edges” and the lovely Claire was so right. I was right. It is all there. I am here. I am me. Not the old me. For she was before today. But the today me is here, present and accounted for. I might not be sure who that makes me later but this is me now. I’m forging the later me on the way there now. 

So I got up, regrettably popped my sweetly sleeping Persian cat in her bed, to come here. Because it is easier sometimes to clear our minds of busy-ness and move on. Somehow clearing out our thoughts allows us to keep them, but not necessarily in our heads. Isn’t that why we vent sometimes? Just to hear how it sounds to voice it? To release it to the universe and feel honest.

I find it easier to be released from my thoughts when I know the thoughts exist still, recorded so that my mind doesn’t have to keep them, keep going over them, keep going back to them. They are recognised, identified, recorded, and popped away in my internet draw should I need to find them.

Somehow, unburdening in this way allows me to relax and move forward.

Tonight, I have felt that by being here and unburdening my mind of these thoughts. And in the process it helped me to remember what Claire had said. I know I can’t retrace my lines. For in doing so I am simply creating new lines. I don’t want to retrace. I want to see where the new lines take me. I want to be open to new lines and different ways to trace.


Nutella Peanut Cookies

22 Jan



Hello my lovelies,

You can’t touch this [cookie, ever, ever]

My my my yummy recipe hits me so hard

Makes me say ‘Oh my Lord’

Thank you for blessing me

With a mind to bake and a love of cake

You [definitely] can’t touch this

But my lovelies, you may bake your own cookies. Basically I am sharing the recipe so I don’t have to share my cookies. I call that win-win, don’t you?

There have been many recipes  flying around the blogosphere lately filled with promises of Nutella cookie love. Now, if you know me at all, you know I am not a sheep, and so jumping on the bandwagon is not really my cup-of-inspiration. Buuuuuut  cookies make me do funny things like think ‘I want what she’s having!’ and so here I am dropping crumbs in my lap as I type, so fearful you want to steal my cookies that I am writing nineteen to the dozen to preserve my safety cookies!

Okay, so I’m just joshing with you because you haven’t got my address I am always happy to share my milk and cookies!

And so here is my sweet (they are sweet!) and very simple recipe. These are so quick and easy and popular!

Nutella Peanut Cookies


1/2 C sugar

1 C Nutella

1 C self-raising flour

2 Tbsp cold water

1/2 C peanuts (omit altogether if preferred or add as much as desired)


Preheat oven to 250 Celsius. Line a baking tray with baking paper.

In a mixing bowl add all ingredients and mix with hands to form dough.

Roll into balls (you can make small, medium or large but be consistent with the size) and place on the tray. Once all the balls are formed, press gently with a fork. Bake for 5-8 minutes.

The cookies will appear soft but will become chewy-firm upon cooling.

They are like a chocolate brownie of sorts and are rather addictive!

Note these are quite sweet. I am going to try to make this recipe with less sugar.

I know what you’re saying and ‘You’re welcome!’ 

Happy baking my lovelies! 




Love 04/52

21 Jan

Project Love 04/52

Persia04_52Hello my lovelies, here is my “installation of project love art” for week 4 of 52 ( 4 of 52 already? aaah and oh right, I’m cool with that, like whatevs!!!).

There are a million and one reasons I chose this photograph and the one reason is that I have this beautiful face looking into mine throughout my days and she brings me calm in calamity, peace when it is absent, and as someone lovely on my Instagram said the other day a contagiousness with her smile that cannot help but be returned (you know that one time when you think it is hard to share a smile because you feel terrible, or want to growl, or just plain don’t feel all smiley, but then here THAT SMILE comes and you can’t help it!).

Persia is THAT SMILE for me. Always. Forever. Happily ever after. The End without any end. 

Enough said my lovelies, enough said! Happy day.




Hot Shot 01/13

20 Jan


Hello my lovelies! I hope your week has been a box of birds singing sweet tunes in your ear, whispering words of encouragement in your midnight thoughts!

Here’s a new little thing I like to call ‘Hot Shot‘! It’s here to brighten your day.

Basically, Hot Shot is about sharing things that capture my eye. This might be personal photographs, images online, or any little things that enrapture my eye.

I hope you enjoy this little series!

I am kicking it off with a personal photograph. This is Ro rascal bracing himself for a sprinkler hit before it hits! I love his expression filled with anticipation! I chose this because I think his expression is an anticipation we have all felt at times.


We spent a wonderful few hours at the beach yesterday, with my brother and his family and friends, and it was such fun! What has your weekend been filled with? Snow, sun, rain, anything different? Have a lovely weekend my lovelies!


Thing of the Week

16 Jan




Three year old cousin talking about marmite…

Romeo (who’s soul is completely filled with heart): “You’re better than marmite. You’re peanut butter!”

(I’m raising this young man and I feel so privileged and proud, for what is better than a human being filled with love and kindness.)


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