Hot Shot 03/13

8 Feb


Hello lovelies, how has your week been? Nippy, sunny, beautiful no matter what the weather? I try to find the ‘little things in life’ to make my days smile-worthy!

In a world filled with technology, I have found myself semi-attached to the computer this week. My desk chair hasn’t been so warm for such long periods and my eyes haven’t been as tired and overwhelmed in ages. I wish I could say for personally productive reasons but alas it is purely paperwork of the I don’t want to be an accountant but am forced into aspects of it therefore call me an accountant and pay me the wage to go with it (sadly the latter is lacking – there’s a lot to be said for recognition, and as a mother I feel qualified to say it is important!).

Persia follows suit on the technology bandwagon. It is her generation in so many ways. She is always walking around with the camera, or on some mobile, internet-capable or infomercial related business investigation!

Her favourite entertainment comes in the form of a man called Siri. Yeah, you might know the dude. She doesn’t call him Siri, she calls him “the man who doesn’t know anything”. ‘Mama, can I talk to the man who doesn’t know anything?’ happens more than once a day!

Last night was no exception but it was rather priceless. Generally the man who doesn’t know anything says “I don’t know, shall I search for…..” hence he is the man who knows nothing!

Persia: Did you know my name is Persia?

Siri: I thought you were Tanya!

I am not joking.

And the look on her face. This man knows that? This man knows I’m not you? This man knows you? This man knows something??

Well, I couldn’t stop laughing out loud.

And there you have it lovely ladies and gentleman, technology is priceless and harmless entertainment sometimes!

Though I have to limit the use of it as I fear high usage is not healthy, I need not worry because my Ro rascal and Persian cat are more likely to be in the garden playing or playing with dollhouses and lego than anything else!

Happy weekend lovelies!



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