Love 05/52 & 06/52

5 Feb

Project Love 05/52 and 06/52


Last week was a special week for us. I was busy being sad and excited simultaneously, for it was Ro rascal’s 7th Birthday. His birthday is such a special time for me, for us. When he was born (birth story yet to come because, well, it’s a difficult one) he was 6 weeks premature and an incompetent registrar fractured his skull during an emergency natural birth. I remember the NICU nurse telling me a few days after his delivery something I had perhaps subconsciously wondered but was too busy/scared/stressed/seriously expressing colostrum for my desperately ill baby to spend time contemplating – they didn’t immediately hook him up to monitors because they didn’t think he was going to make it (sob)! Even a few days later that is not something a parent wants to hear.

So each birthday is an amazing celebration of what is and a kind of mourning for what should never have been. After 7 years I still feel devastated. In part, I think, because we never received an apology or a visit from the Doctor who delivered him broken and we never received answers in general.

Not only though, did I get a beautiful son who is a survivor of epic proportions and a loving, sweet child, but I became a fighter. I learned immediately, instinctively, how to fight for my children, their lives and their needs. And believe, I had to fight. Stupidly, I had to fight. Against “medical misconduct” which in my book translates to incompetent handling of delivery of a baby who was fine and perfect in every way for a 6 week prem baby and would not have needed NICU aside from for the treatment of jaundice had he not had his skull crushed.

Needless to say, we came out with fighting bodies when the bell rang and we won, round after round after round until we knocked the other party out of the ring and on their own heads. And we raised our own hands in victory and danced our victory dance out loud, in our heads, and in their faces, until the day after forever.

Thus, this is a celebration of epic proportions – every year! We win. We won a Romeo and were then gifted a perfect Persia to make life even greater.

So today, my lovelies, I celebrate 2 weeks of photos being grateful:



Persia, on Romeo’s birthday choosing to be brave in the face of fear!




Romeo – on his 7th Birthday. Mastering his world with skill and determination. He was irrefutably born that way.

If there is anything in life I want, my lovelies, it is to be more like Romeo. He knows how to survive, how to get what he needs, yet he is sensitive, honest, forgiving, loving, and fair. 

Happy Birthday Romeo, my love. You have given us more than any person on earth deserves and we are grateful for every single drop of a cell from you that moves our way in the wind.



2 Responses to “Love 05/52 & 06/52”

  1. noinstructionsincl February 5, 2013 at 8:18 am #

    This must have been a very difficult post to write but I think it’s great that you shared your story. Romeo is a proper little survivor!

    • Love Loulabel February 5, 2013 at 8:03 pm #

      Thanks lovely! I always feel taken away when I write and I’m sure you understand how that happens. You are transported and your mind and typing fingers just take over and sometimes I write what I am trying not to think of but in the end I believe I was meant to and it feels more honest that way! p.s. your site looks exciting and if you get time to blog about being a Mum I’ll be the first one reading!!! Lots of love xox

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