Thing of the Week: Blueberry Smoothie

27 Jan

blueberrysmoothieHello my lovelies, how is your part of the woods this weekend? Ours has been sunny and warm, which makes it more relaxing even when working and keeping busy with Ro rascal and the Persian cat!!

This morning my little Persian cat/princess asked me to make her a blueberry smoothie. Not one to discourage good taste in food and delicious healthy snacks I googled the basic ingredients of a smoothie and ran around like a headless chicken throwing caution to the wind ingredients in the blender.

Then I switched it on and apparently it is on public holiday a day early for it refused to whizz up my creation! Buggery. Ro and Pershi were that disappointed that the noisy machinery had failed – their faces dropped, denied the excitement a loud creative piece of kitchen equipment tends to make.

Have no fear, the kitchen-change-it-up-a-bit-woman is here!!! I didn’t actually say that, that is just who I am. Have recipe will tweak it. Have idea will give it a go. Don’t panic, I generally only prepare meals for guests when I have actually deemed them quality first!

Right, so I transferred everything to a big bowl and whizzed that baby up with my stick blender. It all turned out for the best. Of course. I knew that.

My Persian cat adored the smoothie and had a very tall glass of it. I can only feel all puffed up like a proud mother cat that she had just ingested a tall glass of goodness!

High-five self! Ahem. Even though it was her ingenious idea. She really is a lot smarter than any other member of our little family. I’ve been telling her all her life I’ll be living with her later. She’s going to be a Doctor. Been saying it since she was 2. Acts like it all the time. I’m really okay with that. Obviously. The Ro rascal has said he’ll invite me over for bbq chicken and build me a big house. I’m very happy to oblige, since I have basically implied which child I have chosen as future winner-of-the-mother. But don’t worry, I know he’ll thank me later and won’t really remember any childhood disappointment about the fact. He’ll probably very easily compartmentalize the whole thing!

Without further torture adieu, here is the recipe. You are very welcome (I promise, it’s that good)!!!

Blueberry Smoothie


1 1/2 C frozen blueberries

1 1/2 C milk (I used whole – but be on a diet if you must and use trim)

3/4 – 1 C unsweetened natural yoghurt (I used Greek, which is very thick)

2 Tbsp castor sugar

1 large banana


Put all ingredients in the blender and whizz until well blended and sugar has dissolved. Serve au naturel.

This wants for nothing else and is a healthy breakfast or snack time smoothie.

Remember my lovelies to take time for yourself this coming week, and do something just for yourself to ensure your well-being is being taken care of! 



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