Parenting Guilt

14 Jan


Hello lovelies, are you as puzzled as I am by the weather patterns that retain no pattern at all? I partially blame global warming therefore accept some of the blame, though I like to think my persistence in living a more green and clean existence means I may be apportioned a little less blame these days?!Β 

As every parent invariably does these days, I find myself struggling to juggle time with the children with time to do work and housework and the gazillion other tasks that always seem to be knocking on my door. Knock knock love, time to…

urgh. urmm. grr. ehem. sigh. crying like a baby rocking back and forth.

I just cannot seem to manage my time consistently so that I don’t feel guilty that the kids are missing out on my time or that I am sacrificing their free time to spend with me during the holidays doing work that could wait. Oh wait, that’s right, the work can’t wait either. Heartbreak.

Once Ro rascal and Pershi rabbit are back to school and kindy I will implement a New Year’s resolution of mine to allot time slots to certain tasks. I think this will certainly help my time management dilemmas, though not likely the parental guilt. That appears to be permanent.

Yesterday, my sweet Pershi rabbit called to me from the toilet room “Mama, the toilet paper’s finished.” And as I am making my way to her, expecting to help her and to replace the toilet roll this is what I hear her tell me: “I have replaced the roll, and I pulled off the stuck end so the next person can take some paper off easily!” wtw? What-the-what?

I expect her to know that and to do that but that is the first time she has done the entire scenario with the stuck end being unstuck specifically for the first person to use the new roll with ease.

Paying it forward in ways that astound me and make me proud in the same second.

In the end, our babies reflect us, and not just what we think we are teaching them of course, but what they see. (Which is scary as much as it is awesome, because I’m not exactly perfectly behaved and thus the perfect role model 24/7).

Raising great children does require a conscious effort, but it also comes from something more than that, doesn’t it? It comes from respect and responsibility, and raising children who believe they are an important part of something, an extremely important component of a family, and that we believe that they contribute something huge to that family. But it is also instilling the belief that they can contribute and that they have the ability to help the family to run smoothly.

Having expectations. This is such a significant thing for children. I think we constantly underestimate the abilities of our children. And in the same sense, we underestimate our abilities as parents. We spend far too much time noticing the negative or lacking instead of seeing the great things our children do. The great little-big people they are.

I need to take more time to appreciate what they see around them, how they learn, and the people that they are and are becoming. For a way to raise great children is to watch and learn from them.

I hope, my lovelies, that parenting guilt is not a frequent visitor to your heart, but if it is, perhaps you could take a look at life from a positive perspective. What exists, rather than what doesn’t?! I’m certainly going to try to do this more often.



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