Project Love 01/52 & 02/52

10 Jan


Hello lovelies, how are you enjoying the post-holiday season settling in period? I hope the transition back to your ‘normal’ is treating you sweetly!

Here in New Zealand it is also summer – which means summer holidays for Romeo and Persia. I am already accustomed to later bedtimes (for them) and later mornings (for them) (I still cannot sleep late, or really very much at all grrr) and thus might be am totally dreading the shift back to routine hours and a stricter routine in general.

Aside from being busy with work and trying to juggle more fun with the kids at the same time, I absolutely love having them home from school and kindy. It is a time for us all to relax and re-bond during those longer-modes-of-free-time-together-to-play and the challenges of longer-modes-of-free-time-together-to-play-can-be-too-long-to-play-together-take-me-away-or-go-away-please-dear-God. They will miss each other so much though once their holiday time comes to a close. For who is a permanent playmate on hand when you want to swim, play in the garden, play on the x-box, read in bed, or need someone to fetch something from another room, siblings is who!

Soon enough I myself will bemoan (here, most likely, for who else has the option to press ‘x’ and shut me off instantly will listen) the long hours alone without my babies, but I will inevitably find tasks ignored now needing tending to as replacement therapy of a pathetic non-replacement-ever kind!

This 2013 year has become my year of changing things up a bit here and there. One thing I wanted to do was record and post some photographs of Romeo and Persia more regularly. When I came across this amazing dedication to time and memory, and also this post by James, and then today this post by Danielle, I was inspired to actually get myself together to start the project early in the year as a round-straight starting line (yes, I just said that) and make the most of a wonderful concept across a year span! I’m not sure that my time, or more importantly, memory, will succeed in a daily dedication to photographing my chosen concept but I think a weekly dedication is manageable (hold it against my memory if I fail!!!).

Mine, of course, is titled Love, for that is something worth everything to me.

So here are my first and second instalments wrapped up into one because apparently 2013 is on a tight schedule heading towards this Christmas and is trying to rush by without me keeping up…like a man ready to go out, already sitting in the car before you have even got the kids up from their nap or the man who walks 10 metres ahead on a lovely evening stroll together. But who am I to comment since mine is too busy to join us for either ever!!! (For all men reading this you must not be offended by my generalisation by using the term ‘man’ I didn’t mean you, specifically, of course, because that would have been far too un de in ill imm not general specific. Also, I’d have just said you instead of man.)

Well, my lovelies, I hope you enjoy a little insight into what Love sometimes means to me. I’m sure we agree that it is a very subjective thing, this crazy little-big thing called Love!



Romeo fascinating himself (and me photographing him) with talking on 2 phones to himself.


persiawomanPersia – when all I could see was her as a woman.



One Response to “Project Love 01/52 & 02/52”

  1. Sam January 10, 2013 at 7:56 am #

    this is a cool idea! love those babies to bits.

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