2013: Goals & Plans

3 Jan


How are we all?

Happy New Year to you and yours! It looks like a great year!

Are you all Christmas caked out? Over the chocolate (is that ever possible), had enough alcohol for the entire year already?

Resolutions knocking at your door, banging on the windowpane?

I can happily have more cake, have just eaten chocolate and for the first time ever I am facing the prospect of forming some New Year’s resolutions. It seems as good a time as any to make some positive goals and plans and make this change thing happen!

But I must say it is the first time I’ve really had the inclination to form New Year resolutions! Just like my sudden desire for coffee a few years ago, it could just become a habit from this point forward!

I suppose it’s typical but I cannot believe another year has passed! Since having Romeo and Persia I feel simultaneously like time stands still and flies by, like I have all the time in the world and no time to complete anything.

I have decided these ‘anythings’ need some better planning. I need me some solid goals set down in internet ink. I have them in notebooks all over the show but that’s not concrete enough.

2013 shall be the year I learn not to waste so much time and to effect better time-management skills and organisation across the life spectrum, for currently I am generally good at time management with the children aspect of daily life but not so much with the rest.

I get sidetracked and sucked into the tunnel of other.

Sure I get most things done and I find 5 minutes to myself sometimes, but I want to accomplish more. I know I can accomplish more and make some headway with adult life and the juggling of kids and anything else that needs a ball chucked up in an air already full of jiggly juggling balls, another spanner thrown in the complicated and busy works!

I think an important first step is to actually plan out what days and times I get certain things done so that I don’t get waylaid (ahem sidetracked) while on-task and that everything has a time and place based on rhyme and reason (with a little flexibility thrown in for stress-free measure)! Happens all the time, does that, being waylaid!!!

So I thought I’d be super original as no-one else in the world has posted about New Year resolutions super last to post about my New Year resolutions and so here they are in all their glory honesty.


Routine plan – schedule my daily and weekly tasks to a (flexible-ish) timeframe.

This will, I anticipate, allow me to better manage time and tasks.

Exercise regime – 5 days where exercise is incorporated into my routine so that it doesn’t get missed.

Time constraints often mean I am bypassing exercise but it is something I need, and enjoy.

Cleaning regime – to include all the little things like windows and ledges more often.

I anticipate that this will make the actual task less arduous and the house feel fresher for longer.

Menu planning and trying at least 1 new main menu recipe each week – this is a hugely significant resolution for me.

Apparently menu planning is super effective when planning shopping and time-saving when preparing meals. I have struggled recently with main meals and food in general. I have a love-hate relationship with food because I tend to skip meals and struggle to eat properly. It is something since having children that has made food difficult for me. I have to deal with food rather often but would really prefer to forget about it for most of my day! Weight excess and eating habits tend to dictate how my body feels and this impacts on my attitude towards self, food and meals. I kind of skip over doing everything until the very last minute. I also struggle with Romeo not liking meat much and meat alternatives either. Thus I tend to make what he likes and for Persia who likes almost everything or will at the very least try something new she misses out sometimes. But I am 2013-ing mealtimes into something new, including myself with that!

Work and play hours 

This is incorporated into the routine but I want to make a conscious effort to spend more quality time with work hours and more quality longer periods with Romeo and Persia doing what they enjoy and finding things to do that we can enjoy together.

Personal time – spending time on myself

This includes making sure my own personal needs are met and that I take more time for myself when I am alone (instead of running a mile of errands/working/cleaning/etc) so that I feel better in myself and will be a better person for my family.

More music – including buying a good little stereo system

Sounds simple, is simple, shall be done! In the car we almost always have some music we enjoy or my favourite radio station playing. Alone I often play something loud to free my mind and energy (I really don’t mind if people see or hear me singing my head off!). At home our system is a bit shot so music is often missing. The iphone/computer speakers just are not sufficient for good music appreciation!

2013 is definitely the year of ‘back to the workforce-making money regularly again’

Growing my business and expanding my options is important to me this year. I will learn about advertising and my options.

Writing and illustration- defining what I really want to write and honing my skills. Learning to illustrate

I would like to concentrate on producing a series or some writing for print this year. This includes my interest in learning to illustrate my own work.

Cut flowers

Always having fresh cut flowers in the house to brighten my days and my kitchen and desk spaces!

New things

Trying new things, be it a frappuccino, activity, food, or dance move, 2013 will be a year I want to incorporate things out of my ordinary!

Well my lovelies, there above hang some important challenges, changes and exciting plans for my 2013 year! I simply cannot wait to get started. In fact I have already started. 

Happy 2013 to each and every one of you darling people who share your life with me and participate in mine. You make everything brighter. I hope you too have an amazing 2013. Have you made any resolutions or plans for the coming year? I hope everything is just as you wish/dream/hope/desire for you are lovely and you deserve it!



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