31 Dec


Hello lovelies, I want to wish you & your families a warm, happy, loving, safe, healthy, and full year. I have so many wishes for you but Love is first!

I feel this is the right time for hope and hardwork. For setting goals and working towards them with energy. It is the first time I have ever felt the desire for resolutions at New Year’s but it seems the perfect time to leave behind a year that has given me so much joy with my children and has also been a continuing struggle with work and finances. I have felt frustration and lackluster and a general overwhelming sense of not being there in the moment enough because I couldn’t see the trees for the wood and that’s been really hard.

2013 means to me the opportunity for hardwork and hope. For I believe together they shall guide my life in the direction I want it to journey in.

Welcome 2013, with my arms thrown open wide I invite you into my life, being grateful for the opportunity to feel what you feel like against my skin. I anticipate all the wonderful moments and memories that 2013 will help me create with Romeo and Persia.


Dear 2013, you look amazing already and I intend to make sure you wear your best colours, your brightest hat, and put your best foot forward for the entire year! 

Loulabel & Life


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