Angel Chimes: Our special new family Christmas tradition

21 Dec

Hello my lovelies,



I hope your holiday celebrations are happy, warm and wonderful!

I love creating celebration traditions, especially at Christmas time!
One of my favourites is creating individual photos books for Romeo and Persia.
I have also taken to writing books and this year I wrote and illustrated a Christmas story for the children and it was huge fun! I cannot wait to see their faces when we open and read it Christmas Eve!

I recently came across angel chimes that are apparently a European Christmas tradition.
I loved the chimes so much and I really wanted to introduce the lighting of candles at Christmas at home in a very special way.
The angel chimes are perfect and ever so beautiful and peaceful. Perfect for the holiday season.

Now, listen carefully, for these angel chimes video quieter than a mouse in hibernation! Must be the angel breath whispering their songs so softly.

Merry Christmas my lovelies!

Loulabel & Life


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