Parenting: Hearts & Sleeves

20 Dec

Hello lovelies,

are you jingle-bell-ing and ho-ho-ho-ing? I am bursting at the seams with Christmas bubbliness! It’s difficult to contain and only exacerbated by spending any length of time just contemplating the season of goodwill and gift-giving!snowflakedec

Children make Christmas something beyond words…


What with recent events in a world filled with wonderment and sadness I wanted to post something about the essence of parenting and how I feel it. How I have felt it from the moment Romeo was born.

Parenting is first and foremost heartbreak. Basically, I gave birth to Romeo and my heart broke. Because suddenly I was filled to overwhelming overflow with love so intense and mind-blowingly strong that I was broken into a million pieces. I remain that way.

I simply have no idea how to not hurt.

I liken myself to an octopus. My heart is worn on so many sleeves I have 8 bazillion arms of sleeves with snot from crying over the joy of a parent’s love that hurts so bad.

The love a parent is instantly awarded is this bittersweet journey. A journey where I am so in love with my children that it hurts. I try to find a comfortable position to parent in but alas there is no parenting position that relieves the aches and pains.

I want to wrap them in my bazillion snot-covered sleeve-wearing arms and hey let’s just stay like this forever so we cannot feel any suffering or pain, k?

Oh, this is smothering pain I am causing? Right!

There is only one thing that makes the journey of parenting pain worth journeying for and that is my children.

So in the midst of heartache for this immense love there is greater hearts of love for this immense love.

They look at you. You melt. They smile at you. You cry. They cry and you want to die. They hurt and you want to hurt instead of them. They tell you they love you and you would walk over planets of hot coals and broken glass to hear that any day.

Time is no asset here. It removes no pain. But instead it provides greater opportunities to open your soul to feel love. As a parent you willingly bare your soul, readying yourself for the pain that comes with that, just for any and every chance to love and be with your child.

I accept the pain of parenting as a gift of reminding me of how lucky I am to feel, to experience, such overwhelming and unconditional love.

I will spend my lifetime being a parent.

I am grateful for my octopus arms.

I don’t always, every second, do it, but I remember at least 10 times a day to live in the moment. For what is there really but this moment and the amazing memories that you can make with these moments.

Parenting. Moments and hearts and octopuses.

My lovelies, every second is worth a bazillion seconds.


Loulabel & Life




3 Responses to “Parenting: Hearts & Sleeves”

  1. Sam December 20, 2012 at 9:38 am #

    Beautifully written! Love you, xox

    • Love Loulabel December 20, 2012 at 9:45 am #

      Aww thanks gorg, writing from the heart is exhausting but therapeutic, like releasing a flock of white doves to the world! Love you back xx


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    […] with octopus arms and elephant babies, I am a right old evolutionary […]

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