I pine for Christmas…

16 Dec

Hello lovelies!

Happy holidays to you! Can you hear my bubbling brook of excitement? I wish you could!romeoI pine for Christmas...

As a parent I am privileged enough to overhear private conversations legally and without guilt (okay that’s mostly without guilt).
This is what I just heard:
Romeo: Persia, isn’t this the most beautiful Christmas tree?
Persia: Yes, it is! I love it.

I might have passed on my ability to inhale everything Christmas wonderful to my children.
I should also be eternally grateful that the lovely hubby (who doesn’t celebrate Christmas in his culture) has been forced gently persuaded to go with the ‘all things Christmasy are necessary and important and fun’ flow! Well, fun isn’t quite right but he goes along with the idea and only says please don’t spend too much. (Boot of the car scenario).
Ah, Christmas. I love it.
For me, any celebration, be it birthdays, Christmas, Easter, Hanukkah, or any other special date is a time to reflect on what is important in our lives. It is a time to reflect on loved ones present and absent and what they mean to you. What life means to you and to your family.
Sometimes you can forego any actual celebration and just take time to reflect and remember. To recognise and salute all those people and things good in your life.
I have been married for almost 22 years. We don’t celebrate the actual day bar a nod to each other in the direction of ‘Remember the day? I love you.’ And then we head into the coming year.
But for me, Christmas is about family and creating magical happiness. To me it means taking the time to make extra special memories. Extra long hugs and kisses. An extra reason to purchase something unexpected but very much wanted for my children. There is nothing more delightful than witnessing the miracle of Christmas magic. From baking a huge Christmas cake in October, writing letters to Santa in November/early December, teaching the children about giving gifts to those you love and others less fortunate and how money works and doesn’t in the process, to sprinkling reindeer food across the lawn on Christmas Eve to the huge wide-eyed wonder of sleepy children waking early on Christmas morning to find Santa and his helpers have been.
Creating magic and fun while instilling the meaning of life and love and giving and sharing. Well, there is nothing better and more rewarding.
If I know anything about life and parenting, it is making every moment count, making magical memories and moments, and most of all being in the moment to make those magical memories.
Whatever celebrations you participate in, take the time to let the light and peace of life bring shared magical moments into your soul.

Loulabel & Life

*Just for reference. This is the most beautiful Christmas tree ever. Each year it has more kindy and school-made decorations and as a mama who adores everything related to her kiddy-bids, they make me happiest! Also, the kids’ faces as they find decorations they created in past years is priceless!


2 Responses to “I pine for Christmas…”

  1. Sam December 16, 2012 at 9:44 am #

    So much yes! Though, I admit, I haven’t been feeling quite as Christmassy as I’d like. Not entirely sure why though. At least being around all the kiddos gives a nice festive boost!

    • Love Loulabel December 17, 2012 at 1:38 am #

      The last few years Christmas doesn’t feel as Christmassy until just before the day for some reason! I probably feel it more with the kids but the build up isn’t as long as I felt it used to, which is weird! Have to really think about it I suppose? Pondersome, but I love me some Christmas crazy too so that helps lol mwah xox

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