A fun-filled Christmas story!

16 Dec

A fun-filled Christmas story!

Hello lovelies,

this was written and illustrated (in a slightly rushed manner) by me, for Romeo and Persia for Christmas this year. I love me Christmas something chronic. I love to laugh just as much.

I want to share that with my children. I also love to create unique things like this, and yearly photobooks for my kiddy-bids.

It’s just what I do.

This year, I wanted to start sharing my projects with others. I have two more books to share after I have played monopoly. Because I am writing. Busy. On the computer. Thus the kids are bored and arguing (though that just turned into kisses, hugs, and the threat of Persia licking Romeo’s neck. He’s hiding, she’s running).

Monopoly it is…

I hope you enjoy my project. Feel free to comment or offer your illustrating expertise!

LL xx


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