Living in the Moment

14 Nov

Hello my lovelies, long time no here (I’ve been rather preoccupied of late…)

but I am happy to be back here right now.

One thing parenting teaches you, reminds you, constantly throws in your face and always, always, begs of you is…


It isn’t something difficult. It isn’t anything scary. But I think life and success is often, these days anyway, partly measured on how busy we are, how many tasks we can complete and how good we are at multi-tasking.

This busy-ness makes living in the moment challenging as we try to do other things simultaneously. When in reality living in the moment requires you simply to pay attention to whatever Β is happening in that moment – and not what should have been done 10 minutes ago, yesterday or before 7.32pm tonight.

Young children demand a lot of attention. They also deserve a lot of attention. We all say they are only small for a very short time and how that short time flies away on us. Then we are caught reminiscing on what went on and the little things and how we wish we had spent more time…and…and…’ing.

Well, my lovelies, I love living in the moment. I have spent 2 nights sleeping in a tent in our children’s bedroom. Because the tooth fairy delivered a tent and the kiddies wanted to celebrate by sleeping in it. Last night I slept in it alone because the kids had gravitated to their beds and I had it all made and neat. Thus I used it alone, before packing it away quietly this morning.

It was fun. It reminded me of childhood camping trips and secrets. The kids whispering late into the night as my siblings and I used to do many moons ago.

These are those moments. That I get to enjoy now. Memories that I make with the kiddies that I get to recall when I am suffering from empty nest syndrome (though I am already telling the kids I will be living with them forever – because maybe if I start from young it will be programmed into their minds and less of a shock when I leave home with them?).

Last week our puppy passed away. She was only 8 months old and for most of that she had been with my mum as our landlord refused to let her stay in the house (stinking wbanker).

To me, this puppy was so much. She meant so much. Like only an animal owner/lover can understand. I lost living in the moment and I am suffering even now with wishes, dreams, regrets and sadness. It only acts to remind me further of making those moments count. Which I did, mostly, but even still. When you think you have time with someone and something acts to change that we feel cheated. And we feel hurt and sad and lost.

This post is a salute to a little lady that made my heart melt, my children’s eyes wide, and our hearts joyous. It is also a salute to living in the moment. In memory of so many moments that might otherwise be lost or missed.

After all, there is no time like the present to ignore the vacuum cleaner and to sit on the floor and play. The vacuum cleaner and dust won’t grow up and leave home (buggery) but our children will (a double-edged sword that is!).

Love like you mean to, live like this is the only moment and forgive like you should.

Life is short. And indubitably very beautiful no matter how short.

If I hadn’t lived in the moment I would have missed all of these seconds…

I love you Lulu baby. And I miss you. So terribly much.


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