Health & A Woman’s Physical Safety

4 Oct

Hello lovelies, kung fu fighting your way through life or feeling a little under-protected?

I wanted to write a bit about safety today. Certainly health and safety can go hand-in-hand. Certainly as I make my way through improving my health I must at some point address how physical safety plays a role in feeling my strongest, safest self.

I currently don’t. Sometimes, at all. And this is a hard cross to bear when you are alone through the night with children and must be available to stand your ground and protect should the need arise. It’s psychological, based on experience.

Now I am talking about myself here, and thus I am not suggesting that all women feel unsafe or that no men experience this, just that this is how it affects me. Please read my position with this in mind and utilise any information as it might pertain to, or be helpful for, you or someone you know!

Some women I know feel completely safe in almost any situation they are normally in and tell me they have confidence to face certain unforeseen circumstances. Sometimes this arises I suppose from a certain psychological and physical strength and confidence within themselves and sometimes this comes from inexperience or naivety. Either way I am glad that they feel this strength.

I have never been at that point. I went from not thinking too much about it to being faced with reality when someone decided to break into our abode (which was a shop and flat) when we were clearly home. Just young kids after a nice jacket – but nonetheless it made me realise that some people don’t care whether you are home or not, they will invade your space for what they want. The terrible sound of shattering glass – for it was a massive shop window – remains with me after 15 years and I still feel unsafe at night.

People have also broken into my car and stolen things a few times.

I read in the paper every day about home invasions and unprovoked attacks and murders. I remember going to a shopping centre when I was pregnant and telling my mother it wasn’t a safe place. I could feel it. They felt it was fine. Not long after that a bagsnatch went terribly wrong and a woman was killed. It’s that kind of thing that makes me feel unsafe.

The other day we bought my son an xbox 360 kinect. And the other day I was playing one of the games with him and something struck me. Actually two things.

Firstly, wow was I getting an unexpected workout in places my treadmill obviously does not reach! Still recovering from that one in a couple of over stretched places! The other was that I was using leg and arm movements that were very powerful and important. I was feeling powerful in a psychologically confident way that I hadn’t for a long time.

It is one thing to think about safety and another to do something about it. I have wanted to for a long time. I have researched kick-boxing classes, self-defense classes, martial arts classes, well, you get the idea. But time-wise and children-wise, it’s pretty hard to find the time or money. And that is not an excuse, just a reality.

A couple of days ago I came upon a self-defense programme that combines fitness with self-defense and is created by a self-defense instructor. The difference with this disc is that it is interactive. As in the xbox 360 kinect. Thus I am interacting and receiving feedback at the same time. AND I can see myself at all times thus getting my own feedback and support by watching myself too.

Xbox 360 Game My Self Defence Coach…Brand New…

I like technology, I love how it is revolutionising the way we are able to improve aspects of our lives with greater ease. Don’t get me wrong. I like to be away from my mobile, the computer, the home phone, and I basically never watch television. But I appreciate that sometimes we can access things that are super cool support systems.

I am loving, loving, loving, that I can improve things like my physical safety and how I am psychologically affected, and that I can increase and hone my strength both physically and psychologically by accessing these technological advances.

I am super excited to have my self-defense programme. It is already giving me greater psychological strength and it is also giving me an additional means to workout.

These are both huge factors that impact upon my health and that I am currently in the midst of improving.

My lovelies, I am very excited about this new step in my path to better health and well-being. If you fancy having your butt kicked, let me know, I believe I can.

I believe, I believe. It is truly a mindset, but certainly a mindset needs advice, attention, input, direction, and a whole lotta love and understanding!

It’s hard to change what you don’t understand. I speak from experience. Waking up and realising you and your life are strangers to themselves and each other is a full-on freaky experience. Realising it is not the end of the world but the beginning of exciting change is the first step in the path to your life today and tomorrow. Humans are not static beings, but we are incredibly dynamic, versatile, adaptable creatures and we must embrace change with grace and attitude. Kick butt (metaphorically, please don’t actually beat people up, well unless you actually have to respond to danger, then kick butt good)! It’s awesome.

Happy improving your butt-kicking skills my lovelies!

For some self-defense guidance and tips and techniques for self defense in different situations, this site by Su Ericksen is rather helpful. It’s called self defense for women, though it is applicable across the board of course, and I have found many useful techniques but was also reminded of many things to remember in keeping ourselves safe and more aware of our environment as we move about in busy ways with many, many things to distract us. Certainly always remember to walk confidently, alert and with purpose at all times – this can often deter a ‘situation’ in the first instance!

Self awareness, my lovelies, is the first step to your self defense! Be safe, stay safe, feel safe, and remember safety first!


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