Treadmill – walking to health

2 Oct

Hello my lovelies, and hello my sweet treadmill (TM)! I greatly sweat on esteem thee.

As I have being saying recently, I had come to the conclusion that I was losing my get-up-and-go, my oompf, my ‘yeah baby let’s do it’ but as it turns out it was more that my life had become strange and unfamiliar and foreign  to me, she who actually owns that life! I suppose ‘own’ then is not quite the word when I don’t actually know my life.

Anyway, in an attempt to rectify my confused state of life, I knew that my health needed attention. I had some pounds to tone up and some pears to poach. I’m not uber fond of pears so it’s such a shame that I have to resemble one (here I am below mid-treadmilling, and before you ask…no I am not green per se, it was my full body suit (you know…for encouraging sweating and thus greater weight loss) btw for those interested, the pink headband – part of my eighties comeback trend – is from Nike :p)!

I have always considered – and of course like most women I know I have always cared for and maintained – my health engine and fitness as important components of the healthful body. But to face what so many women (and people) face, accept, struggle with, or embrace, has been quite a strange and humbling, and at times very much a debilitating experience for me! A few pounds shy of a coconut roundness is not where I am comfortable, let alone, used to, being.

So my darling TM greets me every morning (as I pass by on my way to shower!!!). I pat her (she is a her because I only have experiences with female weight and exercise dramas of which she is apart of) and promise to spend some undivided attention with her later. Luckily for her, but not always for me, I tend to stick to my word because most normally my decision-making and will-power are unremitting about exercise promises (unlike the no-chocolate today promise of which will-power seems to be stuck running on the TM and in no useful sight when I need it, little shite) – yup basically I, as a physical being, have absolutely no power over me, who makes the mental decisions (double dammit) about exercise. Still I know it is usehealthful to be stubborn in this manner!

Anyway, I endeavour to return to my beloved TM once a day for between 20-30 minutes. I haven’t had any regular set exercise aside from running round after Ro rascal and the Persian cat, for a few years, thus I am taking it easy. Taking it slow. Breaking in the babe bod (okay not babe just bodslowly. Building up my momentum so to speak. Finding my exercise feet isn’t easy – by the way do not, I repeat do not try to actually look at your feet, or close your eyes for that matter, while treadmilling. Apparently this is a no-no. Not that the warning labels actually state this! Fancy me thinking that was possible!

As usual I digress (in terms of me digress means brain wanders away, way, way ahead, way, way too fast and thus I am left at a loose end until I catch up! Okey dokey….caught now!). I have an optional one day off per week, not because it is the ‘big guy’s’ day of rest, but because I like to give myself the option one day a week to not exercise if I haven’t the feeling for it. To be honest I exercise 6-7 days a week at the moment and don’t usually miss a day. I just find the option being there means I don’t feel guilty/defeated/bad about myself/lazy/hopeless/quittersville if the option exists. It is the equivalent to opting for a ‘healthy eating lifestyle’ rather than dieting. It’s a mindset that really impacts upon the outcome.

There’s a fine line between success and failure and it’s called me. Not really so fine a line as a softly rounded squidge between the two! Anyhoo…

I must say that I enjoy treadmilling so much more with good music in my ears. Pretty sure I couldn’t treadmill to Bach or Chopin but lord do the eighties make the most perfect treadmill music ever ever! Here I am above multitasking as only women can do so amazingly well – it always amazes me how a cartoonist can sketch me without seeing or knowing me…pure genius! I’m not sure where the yellow bottle was bought but the red one is a Camelbak one (another pure genius invention). I have also figured out that I can enjoy watching dvds while said treadmilling. I simply use my computer and headphones et voila I am watching tv! I NEVER watch tv and so I now get to watch films and youtube movies and television programmes while I exercise. Technology is a crazy invention for supporting fitness!

Once I remember I was enjoying my exercise so much and feeling a little sleepy as I used TM that I contemplated closing my eyes (okay I actually did again – even after another week’s lesson of no closing eyes on treadmill ever again) and taking a nap. Not. Recommended. At. All.

Anyway, as I have said before, walking your way to health is amazing, and yet so simple and gentle to start out with on any level.

LL loves TM…..TM 4 LL (tomorrow is a new (sweaty TM) day), though I’m not carving that on a tree trunk any time soon, it’s early days yet (and, well, that’s just tree-mean anyway!) my lovelies!


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