Breakfast cream is served.

1 Oct

Hello lovelies, good morning gorgeous breakfast cream!

So I have this love/hate affair with breakfast (with food in general to be fair). But breakfast is something I spend no time thinking about or anticipating and yet I always want to have the time or feeling to enjoy the first meal of the day, especially with my children.

I also really wanted to embrace the enjoyment of meals. No more eating and walking while talking and eating and eating while driving while…okay so I didn’t do most of those things to be honest but  didn’t really sit and eat, thinking about what I ate, it’s loveliness, its benefits to my health and my body, and equally important my opinion of myself. For food and what I consume plays a major role in how I feel about myself, view myself, and where my self-control and will-power sit. This relates to my self-esteem. Any negative thoughts and I feel slightly defeated and this of course has repercussions across the board. A hard cross to bear when you are trying to implement positive changes.

It’s always easy to slip out of the knotted rope of change for if the knot slips a tiny bit it will undo very quickly. The snowball effect is wide. ‘Oh, I can’t even eat well, I’m a failure [chocolate will make the pain go away]’ and there you have it folks a knot in the rope was insecure (as is often the case until practice makes perfect sense). It takes a lot of time and practice to form good habits. It takes no time and little incentive to break them (unfortunately).

Because I am making changes to my lifestyle, and the first being my health and eating patterns/habits, breakfast is one of the things I have finally spent far too much time thinking about. I have always believed that breakfast was a very, if not the most, important meal of the day.

‘Experts’ have suggested this enough that I believed it. Then I ran skipped happily from the idea after reading about how to (apparently) address eating issues by eating only when you felt hungry, rather than avoiding all ‘bad’ foods and dieting while denying yourself anything yummy. I am not usually hungry first thing, and it has always taken about 1-2 hours before I want to eat, and if I eat first thing I normally feel more hungry during the day than I usually would.

But now I have finally found something healthy, delicious, and easy to eat when I am ready for my first meal of the day. I wanted to share this with you as a healthy breakfast meal. I eat my breakfast when I feel hungry for food, not for the sake of eating breakfast. And I don’t eat until I know I have 10 minutes to sit and partake in the food slowly and joyously.

For food and healthy eating is a joy to be embraced.

This has been fondly called ‘Breakfast Cream’ by the beautiful Mireille Guiliano of ‘French Women Don’t Get Fat‘ brilliance. I have adapted this recipe to my taste.

Breakfast Cream

  • 2 Tblsns slightly ground natural oats/oat bran/wheat (no sugars/fats)
  • 1 tspn ground almonds (or walnuts, pinenuts or similar, can do mixture)
  • 1/2 tspn lecithin
  • juice of 1 citrus fruit (lemon, orange, mandarin, can do mixture) (I scoop some flesh out as well)
  • 1/2 tspn honey
  • 1/4 cup natural unsweetened yoghurt


In a bowl place the ground oats, ground nuts, lecithin, citrus juice and honey and mix until well-combined. Add the yoghurt and mix. Leave for a minute or two and then sit down and enjoy a delicious creamy breakfast.

I love the texture of this dish, the delicate flavour, the delicate combination of flavours and the subtle sweetness. The honey with the natural yoghurt gives this breakfast cream a greek honey yoghurt flavour – which always feels decadent and tastes delicious. I also love that I am squeezing some fresh fruit juice into my day and that all the ingredients are healthy alternatives to sugar-laden cereals and prepared breakfast foods. And I like that it means bread intake can be reduced easily (I don’t really eat bread but I know many people that eat toasts and breads for breakfast).

Another super benefit of this breakfast cream is that I don’t feel hungry until mid-afternoon. This tells me that it is very filling and allows my body to run smoothly and comfortably on healthy ingredients for many hours. That has to be good for me!

I highly recommend you give this breakfast cream a try. It is very easy to prepare because I make a container of ground oats and oatbran with lecithin, a small container with various ground nuts ahead of time and these usually last 2 weeks or so, making breakfast really quick to throw together.

Breakfast cream my lovelies! Or as I commonly come up with: Break fats lovelies. Breakfats because I keep mis-typing breakfast and getting breakfats. Very poignant right? Mindset about healthy eating is apparently reverberating in my writing to remind me of my goals! It’s a sign I tell you!


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