Homemade (Linseed) Bread

20 Sep

Hello lovelies, & hello lucky little birdies!

Success comes in many forms! And it feels good. Failure comes in many forms! And it isn’t good. But sometimes we learn something useful in the process of failure and sometimes we remember to jump back on the proverbial horse and try again!

My garden is alive with the chatter of birds. So many birds. They are celebrating my failure. I bread failed AGAIN! But be happy in the knowledge that again means I keep jumping back on that bloody horse and making more bread. Not literally on the horse, just, well…never mind! But perhaps not so happy in the knowledge that I just won’t quit. I possibly should quit trying.

This is what failure looks like today: 

So I made bread. Irish Soda Bread. It wasn’t fun, it didn’t smell nice and I might never make that bread again. Granted I did throw the ingredients in a bread maker and hope for the best even though the recipe uses baking soda and not yeast and thus was likely doomed to fail in the first place. But we’ll just ignore that shall we? Excellent!

I love to make bread. I love the smell of fresh baking bread. I love feeding my family lovely homemade bread. I am not a huge fan of bread. Much like potatoes. Bland and a little pointless in my mind. Come now, don’t be offended. We don’t all like the same things. I do like a chunk of fresh bread with butter, and peanut butter or marmite smeared over it.

Anyway, I threw bread to the birds and caution to the wind and found another recipe. My favourite bread recipe. 1) because it can be made in the breadmaker. 2) because it never fails. 3) because it has a lovely crust. 4) because I throw the ingredients together and walk away and the house smells delicious for hours.

Homemade bread is just so different from most commercial breads. The most important thing to me is that it is super fresh and hasn’t the additives and preservatives that shop-bought breads can have. I appreciate that these breads often have added vitamins and other things but I prefer to get the bulk of these from fresh foods anyway.

Bread is a staple in many countries. It is eaten in NZ a lot. Probably a little too much. Lovely hubby says western bread is basically uncooked dough! Bless him. Persian and Turkish bread is crazy delicious and beautifully and freshly made. One thing I really appreciate about the Middle East is that most foods you buy are still fresh, organic, and healthy. The fruits and vegetables taste like I remember they used to as a child but can no longer find in local stores as readily.

Persian bread can be bought fresh from the oven everyday. It is warm, tasty and doesn’t have preservatives and additives. I love that.

Right, back to my bread.

This recipe is super easy, can be made by hand or in the breadmaker and is light, airy, and really delicious.

My lovelies, sometimes the most hastily scribbled down recipes (…and ideas, designs…) are the most wonderful! In my case this is likely because I had tried something and loved it and coveted the recipe quickly/immediately/right now and thus jotted it down in haste! This was an over-the-phone-moment  where I couldn’t be bothered to write the instructions, because, well, I usually alter things anyway! Shameless laziness really.

Homemade (Linseed) Bread

Method for breadmaker

Place all the ingredients in the breadmaker, (I also add about 1/8-1/4 cup of linseeds) adding the flour last, and then set on a 2lb dark crust kind of setting. The bread is best made using an approximately 3-4hour setting.

Make a cup of coffee/tea and relax. 1, 2, 3 hours. Ding. Bread’s done.

*Note: I haven’t made this recipe by hand before but maybe try following typical bread recipe steps and seeing how that goes if you haven’t a breadmaker or prefer to make it by hand.

This bread is delicious. Persia has consumed one end and the entire centre. What is it with kids and crusts?!

Happy day lovelies, I’m off to make another loaf because the remaining crust is not enough!


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