Milk Rice Pudding

19 Sep

Hello my lovelies, I’m talking small packages of white powder today!

I receive packages of white powder from international locations and across tight border control. Yeah, I’m cool bad a receiver of packages of white powder confused.

A few weeks ago we received a care package from overseas. My mother-in-law sent small packages of white powder in the post. No, I’m not joking. Isn’t that caring?

Apparently my mother-in-law is dealing in white powder. With no English writing identifying the contents. I am confident the mail centre at border control were scratching their heads with a what-the-what? WHAT? kind of what in their whats minds. Needless to say the parcel arrived well-overdue. When I opened the parcel I did the what-the-what? WHAT? thing and scratched my head. I had to wait all day for an answer. I’m not a patient person. It hurt.

Sometimes we have ingredients that we wonder about. I have been wondering for weeks. I mean, I knew what they were finally but why were they sent across the world when we can buy it here? What was the purpose of this white powder??

Okay before I go on I must interject here. Bear with me, lovelies, you love me really! I have a point. It’s fun, really. It’s good.

When my in-laws came to stay from the Middle East (bear in mind this is a huge trip across the globe) they bought carpets. Many carpets. Okay I like carpets. Persian carpets. Thank you! But then other things were not bought as the luggage space was carpet-lined with, well, CARPETS.

Here’s how the situation went: A conversation transpired one day not long after the in-laws’ arrival. (The pleasure of understanding a language and that it is often unknown or forgotten that you do – people, you hear some shit stuff). Mother-in-law was on the phone to Grandson back home. Lovely husband of mine was still in the house. ‘Yes, everything is fine. No. Yes. Okay. How’s…and…? Good. Yes. No.’ (I said bear with me here people).

Lovely husband leaves the house. Conversation on the telephone abruptly changes. Like dealer tones of dealer-seriousness proportion. ‘Now in the cupboard is __ bags of tea, dried beans/lentils/vegetables, spices/saffron and in the other cupboard behind the bags are dried fruits and nuts and pastas and soup packets. I need all of these posted. A-stat? With the other carpets (Stop laughing, I am not joking) (Also, here’s the best part if posting at about $200 is not enough for foodstuffs you can buy locally (the exact same brands) and you can drive there for $2 not $200) she then says in hushed tones ‘but I don’t think we need the meat, or fish stuff’…(I breathe a sigh of relief…too soon apparently because then she said) Just now.’

what-the-what? WHAT?what-the-what? WHAT?what-the-what? WHAT?what-the-what? WHAT?what-the-what? WHAT?what-the-what? WHAT?what-the-what? WHAT? Meat? Fish? 

Lovely husband will party of this knowledge.

Okay I’m done interjecting, you still with me lovely? Aww look at you all sleepy there!

So the white powdery bags contain corn starch and rice flour. Phew. No illegal substances in my house.

No, no, we do have these products in NZ, it’s that we look so third world apparently that other people just don’t realise what we have. (Another friend moved to NZ from the Middle East and she sent boxes upon boxes of tissues (yes tissues for blowing your nose) in her container as she was told shops are far away and we don’t really have many things. But her advice came from someone who moved to Australia, and only we Kiwis can appreciate that that is probably the case in Australia (just joking, we love you Aus – you are super special in our eyes 😉 )

It turns out that these starch and rice flour products were sent because they are good for clearing up chesty coughs (if rice pudding is good for a chesty cough then cough cough). We had all been suffering so I was willing to try the old wives tale what my mother-in-law suggested. However, we only just got given the recipe the other day and so let’s pretend I only I made it as a breakfast food for Pershi who is coughing again.

*Note, for treating the chesty cough (I offer no guarantee other than it is a delicious pudding) it should be thick but still runny not a very thick custard texture as I made it.

And the pièce de résistance:

Milk Rice Pudding

500mls-1litre milk

2 Tblsn rice flour

2 Tblspn corn starch

2 Tblspn sugar

1-3 tspn cinnamon (depending on your preference) (& some for decorating)


Put 1/4 cup milk, rice flour, corn starch, and sugar in a small bowl and mix until smooth. Gently heat the remaining milk and the cinnamon in a saucepan. Add the milk-flour-starch-sugar mixture to the warming milk and bring to the boil whisking every now and again until it reaches the consistency you desire. If you keep whisking it will stay runny so towards the end of cooking allow to thicken by not stirring, but take care not to allow it to burn. It took me about 10-15 minutes to get a thicker-than-custard consistency.

Pour into a serving bowl and sprinkle with more cinnamon. This can be eaten hot or cold.

Simple, delicious, and filling, this makes a lovely breakfast or pudding.

You could add nutmeg, or saffron, almonds or dried fruit, for a yummy alternative.

Sometimes, lovelies, it’s turns out to be legal and lovely to get small packages of white powder in the mail. Who knew?

Have a wonderful day my lovelies!


2 Responses to “Milk Rice Pudding”

  1. purple3ivy September 20, 2012 at 7:27 am #

    Hehe, this gave me the giggles. The things you get sent, lol.
    This pudding sounds tasty.

    • Love Loulabel September 20, 2012 at 8:43 am #

      Yeah, white powder. It makes a tasty pudding. I wonder if Hollywood knows? lol xox

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