Exercise: Walking & Wellbeing

18 Sep

Hello lovelies, walk with me a while?!

“Never let your target escape, even if your target is you” (quote from new Looper film).

Appearances can be deceptive. No question. But what if it’s your appearance and you being deceived? Confusing.

But it’s all becoming smoother clearer.

You know I might have mentioned on every page and post of this blog I am seeking change. Change that requires me to investigate myself and my needs. A lot of soul-searching goes on. But sometimes it is really just listening and not too much over-thinking things. I was am reading a book about compulsive eating. Because I don’t always eat for nourishment but for emotional reasons. Sometimes it is lovely just to eat because you feel like something, or because it looks yummy. But one must primarily eat to fuel the engine. If engine runneth out of fuel then said human becomes less well, happy, pleasant, and able to do anything! Not good.

Anyhow, the book was a little over-read and the result a little too much over-thinking on my part about my eating habits. It seems to me, that I do indeed have issues with eating but simply put, I need to remember to eat more for nourishment (i.e. when I feel hungry) rather than odd snacks here and there. I generally eat well. I don’t eat a lot but I do eat good foods like vegetables and fruits, and a little meat sometimes. I like cheese. But you might know that already *crimsonblush*

Right, bear with me, I’m getting to the point.

We have to remember our target, which for me is myself (and change).

At the beginning of this phase of change, one of the major factors was my outer appearance. Because it had changed suddenly in a little too much fruity pear for my liking when I expanded care of meds (and something else).

I was determined to take care of my inner and outer health by increasing my exercise.

Exercise was an important factor in achieving this for me.

Exercise is and has always been important to me.

But when I became a parent it sometimes got put on the back burner when I had burnt the candle at both ends, the weather was wrong, the timing out, the baby crying, the dinner not cooked. Sometimes I just couldn’t muster the bother!

But exercise releases adrenalin, dopamine, endorphins, and serotonin. These things have huge impact on your physical self. Huge.

I know that exercise is a proven way to increase wellbeing and health (immunity included), energy, improve emotions, mental health, and so many other benefits.

A significant benefit, and one that can be forgotten, is that exercise makes you feel great about yourself. This is a huge reason alone to bother remember to exercise.

I used to do aerobics, yoga, and ballet-based exercise routines. Always beneficial. Always fun. Often hard to bother with, or you might become over-done addicted to it and then burn out and lose interest.

When we become parents our priorities shift somewhat, in some ways that feel permanent and in general. As parents you can get really tired. As a mother specifically, I became tired, exhausted, utterly shattered. I still am most days.

I exercised in fits and starts. Becoming overwhelmed by exhaustion, busy-ness, parenting.

But we need to do some form of exercise for so many reasons, as I have mentioned already. I love that it forces you to take some time for yourself. You can blast your music, think in your own space, take time out, or just revel in taking care of yourself too.

For the past 3 weeks or so I have walked up to 6 days a week. I am not allowed to run/jog as I had internal surgery that doesn’t allow for that.

But walking is an amazing, and to my mind, the very best, way to exercise. It is gentle but highly effective. You can build up gently thus giving your body time to adjust while also allowing your mind to adjust without freaking you out with the aftermath of aches and pains.

I have adjusted my eating habits without denying my body or eating in bad ways. But I eat. I eat more than I had been when trying to diet the wrong way by cutting eating way down.

I use my treadmill more than walking our neighbourhood. I set it on the second to highest incline because this suits me and I walk for 20 minutes at a fast walk pace. I feel it work and as I get to the last 5 minutes I remind myself how well I feel, how it is helping my body feel and look much more like I want it to, and this helps me keep going. Note that I  also know that a good 30 minute walk at a more gentle incline and slightly slower pace is still extremely beneficial (in case this suits you better). Any form of exercise (sex is exercise, if that helps!) is a start!

I am noticing the benefits. I want to exercise. I feel much better about myself, which stimulates the desire to exercise more. I am less tired. Less grumpy. My skin is smoother. Less cellulite is visible. My body is changing without denying it fuel. It is a slower way to lose weight but more positively progressive and I am happy.

I am better than good at the moment. I’m quite good! That’s a good thing, right?

If you are just starting out towards healthy changes to your lifestyle, or want to find a new or alternative form of exercise. I highly recommend walking. It is beneficial. You will  feel great. You can start out with a basic short walk and build up as your fitness improves. Join a local walking group if you like/need support or company. Walk your dog. Take the baby out in the pushchair, the kids to the park. So many reasons to get out and about walking.  

Happy walking my lovelies, you and I know we are totally worth it!


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