Natural Coldsore Remedy

16 Sep

Hello lovelies, bye bye unsightly, painful coldsores!

Coldsores are painful, ugly little critters that can plague us when we are low, already feeling miserable, have been sick, stressed, or are plain and simply tired.

A primary reason for their arrival.

Kind of like the cops the only time you ever run a red light (not that I know anything about such things), or your mother-in-law when dinner is overcooked and the carpet unvacuumed (ha, mine lives across the world so phew for me on that one!).

Anyway, back to the blighters called coldsores. Not everyone gets them but if you do, you will sympathise with anyone who does. They are painful and usually in a very visible location which makes us feel worse about them.

I have tried many over-the-counter remedies but they never really work, or never work fast enough for my liking.

The best cream I have ever had is actually a herpes remedy (and no I haven”t but thanks for wondering out loud there!). My father-in-law gave it to me (and know he hasn’t either but eww gross you for wondering lol) as in Iran it is used for coldsores and he knows I suffer them.

This post has no images for your viewing pleasure today. You’re welcome!

I have been rundown physically for a few weeks and had a little hot spot of ouch arrive. I threw caution to the wind and teatree oil at the coldsore.

Okay I didn’tΒ throw the teatree oil literally, but I dabbed it on about 4 times a day and I had no pain and the symptoms didn’t progress further as they normally would have.

I wonder if clove oil would have a similar effect? Next time I may trial that.

Teatree oil is an amazing product. It is antiseptic, antibacterial and a natural essential oil. It is also super cheap to buy and goes a long way. These benefits make it anΒ all-rounder household product.

If you suffer from coldsores, give this natural remedy a try and see what you think my lovely.

Happy natural health my beauties!


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