Bacon, Egg & Sausage Pie

16 Sep

Hello my sweety pies!

Fancy a slice of pie? I have just the recipe!

The word pie just rolls off my tongue followed by a sigh! I like pie. Sigh. I used to bake my husband all kinds of fruit pies, made completely from scratch, from the filling to the crust. And he appreciated them somewhat, he certainly appreciated the effort. But he isn’t a huge fan of pie! I used to make them to feel like a very dedicated and busy wife. I was about 20 so you could say I was naive! It wasn’t so much about him loving pie it was about feeling like I had made a huge effort for his eating pleasure! After a while I got busy outside of the home and didn’t have as much time to dedicate to pie. He hasn’t seemed overly concerned that pie has diminished over the last 20 years !

The advent of children and I still don’t make a lot of pie because we don’t really eat it. Well, that isn’t strictly true because I’m sure I’d manage to eat the lot! Hence, I really shouldn’t don’t make pie!

The other week I accumulated a lot of eggs. A huge tray of them. And while we like eggs, that were a little too many to consume comfortably straight up. So, I did two things. I baked something sweet, vegetable-laden, and chocolatey (I promise you not a single dish of those though), and a PIE. SIGH.

The chocolatey thing will reveal in another post because I love to talk pie! You’re welcome!

Because I like me some savoury sometimes, and what better than pie. With eggs. And bacon. And sausage. Sausage.

This recipe has been adapted from an old favourite a friend passed on to me years ago. Instead of beating the eggs first, they go in whole (without the shell people, without the shell!). It’s easy peasy and super quick and mess and fuss-free and goes down a treat at lunch, dinner and parties.

And if you are time-challenged then you can cheat a little like I did this time, by using ready-made, ready-rolled pastry so it takes no time to make! It also creates almost no dishes to wash. It’s a one-dish wonder and that is, well, wonderful.

The thing is, I really ought to mention…the sausage and the whole eggs add a whole other dimension to what is bacon and egg pie. It is like, I have to say its… It’s…indescribable. The pie is good. It’s indescribably good. And did I mention easy? So easy…and good!

Bacon, Egg, & Sausage Pie

  • 3-4 sheets homemade (or readymade) Flaky pastry – (you need enough for a bottom and a top layer in your pie dish)
  • 8 Free Range Eggs – (or you need enough to fill a single layer in your pie dish)
  • 8 Rasher of Bacon sliced into medium pieces – (can be omitted)
  • 10 Cheese Kransky Sausages – (or any similar specialty deli sausage (but not a bbq-type sausage) sufficient to fill your pie dish)
  • Egg white to baste top pastry sheet


Place a single sheet of flaky pastry to line the base of your pie dish(es). Line your sausage along the base in in the centre of where you will slice pieces – i.e. so that the sausage will sit centre of each slice of pie. Crack the eggs into a bowl. Gently pour the eggs into the base of the pie dish over the sausages. Take care to keep the yolks whole (though it doesn’t matter if some do break). Scatter the pieces of bacon over the eggs. Gently cover the filling with a single layer of flaky pastry. Dip a pastry brush down the side the pastry to coat with egg white and then baste the top of the pie – this gives it a beautiful golden sheen when cooking.

Bake at 180C until risen and golden. Approximately 40 minutes is usually sufficient.

Slice and serve hot or warm with a fresh garden salad, or serve cold for lunch the next day!

This makes a very quick throw together meal that is both filling and delicious. Serve at parties for a tasty, filling dish.

I love nothing more than old fashioned recipes like a traditional bacon and egg pie, and I love adapting them sometimes too!

We love us some pie in New Zealand! What about you my lovelies?



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