Natural Stain Remover

14 Sep

Hello lovelies, goodbye stains!

Paints & Dye are my washing moan…baking soda and vinegar my superheroes!

So whenever I wave goodbye to my kids at school and kindy I silently wave goodbye to clean clothes too.

Afterall, most parents are at some point also thinking of their future tasks and how to minimise their potential.

The school uniform has green permanent marker dots on it.

I have always purposefully purchased ‘kindy clothes’ for my children so as not to worry about good clothes getting ruined. Though I do notice a ‘fashion’ for sending your kids to kindy in their poshest clothes….perhaps insinuating her actual, real, good outfits are really posh? I don’t buy into the stress of that in my house!

(And, I have the habit, care of my Grandmother, of dressing at home but changing outfit to go out, so clothes have significance and place)

However, I do always hope that our kindy would use aprons for messy play, especially in winter, to save on kids getting wet and cold and having to get changed and and and… 

Yesterday as I kissed Persia goodbye at one of her very structured learning kindy sessions I sighed to self as she delved into some rain crystals colourfully filled with bright dyes just waiting for little hands to mix and learn…

I artfully mentioned ‘please try not to get it on your jacket darling’ (and then felt guilty for implying don’t play if you are going to get dirty), hoping the teachers would suddenly pull out reinforcements in the form of head-to-toe aprons for my child!

It was not to be.

My sad and sighing self found her lovely pink jacket hanging by her bag artfully covered coloured with bright red dye spots/splashes/splodges/dots and other patterns I cannot identify through my tears.

Okay so I wasn’t crying, I guess I expected it, but you know we always hope our fears won’t come true!

Anyway, I was suggested nappy-san, bleach, and all other forms of chemical attack that putrify my soul.

I just cannot do that to my children’s skin anymore. Much as I wanted the dye out I didn’t care that much.

I know baking soda is fully awesome. I use it to clean everything, including my teeth, and try it on anything just in case it has further brilliance. I always know vinegar is a brilliant cleaner.

The scientist in me decided a little huge combo would be fun! So I sprinkled a generous amount of baking soda over the offending dye patterns and then an equally generous amount of vinegar, stood back and enjoyed the effects of foaming, fizzing, bubbling eruptions of volcanic proportion and then walked away.

Using a toothbrush (not my own of course….or anyone else’s…an old cleaning one) I applied a small amount of sunlight soap liquid (yes slightly chemical but I also use a small amount of this when making my washing liquid) to the areas affected.

Then I put the jacket to wash on a low cycle with only a cup of vinegar and more baking soda.

Then I prayed a bit, just that my assumptions of my cleaning prowess were right, not that any higher power would care to help clean the jacket.

And voila said jacket has not a skerrick of dye remaining.

Needless to say I will be washing clothing and attacking any stains with just such a solution  to see how effective this method is. I’ll update any successes and failures.

I am bolstered to off and design a new recipe for washing powder and liquids that uses nothing more than the mentioned ingredients with the addition of washing soda and essential oils!

Natural Stain Remover

  • baking soda (enough to cover stain)
  • vinegar (enough to activate baking soda fizz but so that baking soda is thick and dominant of the two ingredients)
  • sunlight soap (grated and melted with water to liquid) or liquid soap  (I use a clear dish liquid sometimes)

Pour enough baking soda to cover the stain, add vinegar, allow to interact and bubble away, I left mine to sit for a good hour. Scrub with a soft toothbrush and liquid soap.

Wash in a low water wash with a cup each of vinegar and baking soda.

Dry in sun if possible, though when I dried the jacket it was over a heater.

Happy natural cleaning my squeaky clean lovelies!

*Update* I applied this method to old stains on a white t-shirt and with the addition of sunshine (which had not budged the blotch in any previous washes the past 8 months!) the stains were tah dah’ed away like magic.

It is magic! If Houdini were a stain you’d never find him with this recipe though I’m sure he’d turn up in some other location on some other item of clothing. Magic’ing something away forever is an illusion when it comes to children and stains. They go together like rubber and ducky.


2 Responses to “Natural Stain Remover”

  1. purple3ivy September 15, 2012 at 3:00 am #

    Mum told me about you doing this the other week, so I tried washing my sheets in baking soda and vinegar to get out stains from my tattoo. Ta da, gone! I’m gonna try the paste then washing, for a tshirt with dye spots on it.


    • Love Loulabel September 15, 2012 at 9:10 am #

      I know, right? Super results from basically repeating school science volcanic eruptions in the laundry room! I loved how effective the clean was and with such wonderful ingredients! xox

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