Healthy Eating: being hungry. Feeding the Machine.

12 Sep

Right, so, today is Day 1 of the eating when hungry lifestyle.

That is, not watching what I eat per se, but eating when I feel hunger. Not being pulled into the whole ‘that looks so good’ I could eat it even though I’m not hungry, but really thinking about the feeling of hunger and then responding to that by thinking about what I want to eat to satisfy the hunger.

Apparently, in this lifestyle, it is common early on to still be pulled into wanting to eat all those things you have denied yourself for so long or those things that catch your eye. Rather than eating to feed the machine, so to speak.

As part of caring about my inner health, I realised I needed to be more accountable for my eating. I was trying to be honest with myself, but it was apparently quite easy to conveniently forget I wasn’t hungry, had eaten a particular food, or was eating for reasons other thanย sustenance.

But those are exactly why we often eat more or in my case just don’t feel satisfied. I haven’t struggled with this with a lack of control forever, but now I am I really notice how I consume food. I deny myself until some emotional need arises then I feed my suffering soul and feel guilty/bad/angry/worse.

Did you realise that the diets put forward by ‘experts’, ‘lunatics’, and ‘Joe Bloggs’ do not account for emotions or emotional eating? I bet you never even thought about that did you? But that’s correct. Diet is about cutting out/down things like sugars, fats, and carbs, and so on. So that when we think about a cookie, or piece of toast, we must deny ourselves. Then we eat what we are supposed to on that diet but we feel little or no satisfaction. We likely then go on to consume more than we would had we just had the cookie/toast/apple/whatever it was we wanted originally.

I am excited to have listened to my body today, for the first time in a very long time, and heard for the most part what it wanted.

I have exercised my body and I have given it water.

I feel like this is an important tool to teach my children. Generally, I feed them breakfast when they say they are hungry, and the same for lunch on weekends, but time constraints at school/kindy and in the evening mean food is sometimes given when their body is not saying it’s hungry. I don’t want this to be the rule. Tonight I will have dinner prepared but will wait until they say they are hungry before giving it to them. I know if I can do this at least sometimes then their bodies will be fed at the right time for those sometimes.

In the meantime, I will enjoy the evening and knowing there is no pressure to eat unless I am hungry but that if I am hungry my body is saying it needs fuel and that I can listen to what it wants and feed it makes a world of difference to how I have felt about food today.

It is true that denial makes you want more of something and diet is one of the biggest traps for that. It creates a painful and stressful cycle for many.

But it is good to connect the dots towards helping improve my inner health.

There is a lot to be said for internal communication. And exercise!

I hope your day is full of sunshine and daisies even in the midst of rain showers!




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