5 Healthy things (& a couple of less-healthy choices).

10 Sep

I wonder why it can be so difficult at times to undertake important steps to achieving your goals?

As I mentioned the other day, one of my main goals at the moment is making choices towards having better internal health.

But it just ain’t that easy ALL THE TIME!

I certainly haven’t gone down the path “thou shalt cut out all bad foods forever more” because, well, that’d be a huge lie. There wouldn’t be enough Hail Mary’s for the amount of sinning I would do, rather regularly. Plus, the last weight loss I did might have stayed off for a couple of years but it was got through very limited calorie intake and it just isn’t the way to do it (and more realistically, I haven’t the willpower anymore anyway).

But I have made the decision to actively choose, and choose more carefully and considerately, what I put into my inner self.

And to also reduce the net amount of everything I feed my physical soul.

So here is the current list of good, and to be worked on (I like to think one outweighs the other, kind of like me and most Hollywood stars):

1. I am trying to drink more water. I love water actually, but I forget to drink enough (which reminds me…). This is an improving work in progress!

2. I am not eating much of breads or pastas and rices (though I don’t really eat much anyway, so that was easy enough, and yet I am counting it as a conscious decision…)

3. I am making sure I eat plenty of vegetables and fruits (love me some salads, fruit I need to remember more of, even though I love fruit…banana at breakfast me thinks)

4. I am not buying potato chips and am only occasionally having a special treat of a homemade cookie or muffin. And I am cutting out sugary treats…I love me some jelly aeroplane jubes.

5. I am trying to exercise 4-5 times a week on the treadmill or in the neighbourhood. This includes 20 minutes hard workout on the treadmill that includes aerobic walking with intermittent runs of a short duration because, well, that’s all I can survive without potentially flying off the back of that baby, and I don’t mean MAYBE, or 30 minutes walking the streets (and by no means does this mean working the corner (though I bet that’d burn a heap of calories), or a leisurely stroll, though I don’t do the bendy legs of a fast walk pace either – FYI those leg angles freak me out a little, might they snap out at right angles sometimes, bones protruding?…TMI??)

A. I haven’t cut back on coffee (much, yet) because cutting vices is not the deal. And I still have a chocolate treat sometimes. Consuming in moderation and reducing calorie intake is the deal. And I am DEALING baby!

B. I like cheese. Oh sorry this requires more information. I like cheese, a lot. I have salad for dinner. With cheese. Or a few crackers with cheese. Usually cottage cheese. But I don’t do low fat because it tastes, umm, horrible and watery and, horrible.

The other day when I was looking at my eating habits and my self-control, I came to realise, with greater honesty this time, that I get carried away. I am not hugely overweight. Just not in a place I love being. Comfortable in my skin and clothes. I am not worried about people thinking I am fat, or seeing that I have put on weight. I was a few weeks back, wanted to blurt the reason to the Postman…but he rushed by on his bicycle (we had no mail that day, and we live on a hill, not because I was stalking him, at all….or anything). But somehow this whole change thing has made sense to me and is worming its way into so many different realms of my world. I don’t actually worry about how people see me, but I do like to feel good in my skin. It gives me a confidence that only shy people can appreciate provides additional support.

Anyhoo, silly tangent, I get carried away. I eat when I like something, and I might have two instead of one being enough. I eat if I’m mad/sad/happy/depressed/elated/mediocre/grand/hungry.

I used to have better self-control. And I mean even recently. But more so before. I think it was easier to avoid food situations. But now children bring with them the need for extra meals, a lot more food preparation, some very pretty-looking treats, and some very good reasons to bake. I used to be vegetarian, so could cook meals for my husband and avoid their consumption.

I love eating fresh and natural, tasty foods. Really love to. That part is easy. It’s the taking time to bother to do that for me when everyone else needs something from me.

I know that I need to define better meal plans for myself. To really look at what meals and mealtimes should entail. The first step is knowing that and admitting that. Obviously that’s a √ and √.

I’m on the way to rediscovering health and well-being in more intimate terms. I cannot say enough how life-changing it is just to take time to care for myself.

This will, and already is beginning to, reflect on my opinion of myself, and how I interact with my family and friends.

Yay for good food and enjoying what we eat. Double yay for knowing what they are and doing that.

I am interested in the future of me. It is the first time in a very long time. I think it stems from what is referred to as being lost to oneself in the midst of being other things, like wife, parent, homemaker, professional, stress-sucker, tired, and generally lacking in energy and time for ones own self.

Here is my self. I have looked after mySELF today, in different and once-lost ways.

I am on the road to rediscovery. Can you hear the enthusiasm. It’s there my lovelies, and it’s good.. I’m good. Better than yesterday.

How are you my lovelies? Have you been thinking about making changes lately? Have you made changes lately? Do you know of any good healthy eating plans or guidelines?

Tell me, tell me, do, did you know you are lovely too?!



2 Responses to “5 Healthy things (& a couple of less-healthy choices).”

  1. Sam September 10, 2012 at 9:57 pm #

    You are inspiring me!

    Also, lol at the cheese. Wonder who you get that from! 😀

    • Love Loulabel September 10, 2012 at 11:56 pm #

      Ya ha, cheese, that mother woman has some ‘splainin to do! Poor Pershi, it has super rubbed off on her! Inspiration is so great, glad to be so! xxx

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