Healthy body, healthy mind

7 Sep

Do you suffer the feeling that everything is out of control sometimes always? Some minutes are lovely but most minutes are stress-filled, or stressful.

Lately I have felt more weight on my shoulders (well there actually is I suppose,ย Read on…), than has happened for a long while.

My moods are like Tarzan through the jungle, leaving no vine unswung. I’m madder than a hatter, I’m so tired the word for it hasn’t been invented yet. I wear cranky pants on a daily basis (saves worrying about the wardrobe though I think it is a complete fashion faux pas).

Who wears the fat pants in my house? I do. And it makes me mad and sad. Emotions are both awesome and highly over-rated. My inner health needs a health check.

I have been taunted by a free health magazine that advertises something called ’30 PLUS’. For years. It lists MY feelings on the front cover and because it has pink on the box too I believe it was created after someone witnessed me. Maybe Santa really can see us?!

I was ‘tormented and torn apart’ so I called and asked my local pharmacist to order me pills. Legal ones please, not that he does illegal ones I assume. Peter, I’ll need about 50 MILLION. He got me 60ย MILLION.

It states on the inside leaflet that benefits will begin to show between 2-4 weeks after starting the pills. Was that just a gimmick to keep you coming back for more. Bloody false advertising.

I KID YOU NOT I FELT THE EFFECTS WITHIN 1 HOUR. Holy Mother of Mary. I owe many Hail Mary’s Lord. One by one. You’ll get at least 60 and then I’ll buy another box!

Now I am not one to rely on medicines if I don’t need to. I clean the shower with baking soda for goodness sake! Al naturelle here baby.

But this stuff claims to be based on natural herbal extracts. Right now, I’m not too worried. Not even completely stressed. I’m finding things a little easier, day by day, minute to minute.

So, health matters. Of course! Health is easy. Of course not!

Where does one start? Why are you looking at me? I am only just starting this journey and chronicle. There are just so many aspects, so many things needing to be considered.

I know though, that you have to sit down (with a coffee or wine, or a great friend) and think about what you feel about yourself and your life. No lies, no half-truths, just face-the-facts-full-stop and that way you can make decisions about what to start on. Think about where small changes will begin to improve things.

If weight is an issue, don’t think ‘stop eating cake and run 50 miles a day’. Think today I will eat less cake and walk more than yesterday. Things WILL improve if you are honest with yourself and hold yourself accountable, to you.

That is why I have decided to start improving my life, and by default, this blog, with the inner body. Inner health.

Living with healthy choices. It doesn’t necessarily follow that a healthy body will lead to a healthy mind but it certainly goes a long way towards improving the way your mind can function, and this will certainly at least provide your self with better options. Like thinking with a little less fuzz in your head.

An unhealthy body, whatever the reason, will directly impact your mental health, no matter how much you try to deny that.

One of the core (appropriately punned I suppose) reasons I decided to post first about inner health is that it was something bothering me most of late.

I have never been overweight. I have always just been in healthy physical shape. I have watched what I eat to a certain degree but then sometimes I haven’t.

Before having children health wasn’t a huge focus in my life. I had fits and starts of exercise and regimes. I always tried to keep my inner self healthy.

If I developed a headache because I hadn’t had a cup of tea on time then I would detox. I always knew I had a self that was likely to be addictive. Thus I avoided anything addictive forever. Never tried drugs, too afraid to become addicted. Never smoked. Same. Tried to never let food rule the roost. Same ol’.

I dieted when weight changed a little too much. 4 kgs up hrrmph rarara 4 kgs back down. But it was manageable. Always manageable.

Then I hit my 30’s and had children. Now I know why people used to have children young. Your body was happier about the whole high impact scenario.

I put on 20 kgs when I was pregnant, each time. The second pregnancy I was already 10 kgs heavier thus it took many months of determination to lose the pregnancies weight gains.

But I did it. And I managed to keep it off for a good two years.

Then this year, my body suffered some major shocks. Internal (stomach) and external (car crash and back injuries (not my fault at all and yes, I’m getting better now thanks!)). And my body went into this crazy protection mode where I don’t think I’m joking when I say the shampoo joke that says ‘for fuller body use daily’. My body was sucking up those amino acids and extending in all directions.

The doctor had previously put me on some contraceptive pills. The first time in 7 years that I have been on any. I am gaining (and this week have really started fighting) 1kg per week. Holy Fatman, Batman, I feel like someone is Robin me of my happy place.

I say with full honesty: my pants don’t fit. I have a couple of options and I am wearing those suckers out. That’s how moderated my weight had been, all clothes in a limited size range.

The doctor was surprised, as was the pharmacist, but the label clearly says two phrases in one line which have verified my fears and instilled greater fear: ‘weight gain’ ‘1 in 100 women’. Why me? Yes, I am always going to be 1 of 100 women but in this case couldn’t I have been second in line? I don’t mind not being first. First place is highly over-weighted ๐Ÿ™‚

Here is how I see the situation. I need to remain taking the pills. I have lowered the dose of the pill. I must now lower my calorie intake while increasing the amount of calories I burn.

I can do this baby. I can totally do this.

Afterall, is it not a very healthy option to pay more attention to me. To focus a little more time in my day to taking care of me?

My children will benefit from the results. I will benefit from the results.

I believe I am saying that sometimes the sun shines even when it’s raining.

I think we are all able to find that mindset when we are stuck in a torrential downpour trying to get a toddler and baby into the car quickly and instead of feeling all tense and angry we can say ‘it’s good for the garden’!

It is good for the garden. As potentially philosophical as thatย sounds. If you are able to find ways to feed your inner self with the health it needs then the outer self will blossom like you never knew you could forgot you could.

Now my lovelies. Be off with you and make some lovely time to care about your (inner) self. If we don’t take care of ourselves, who will? And who will benefit from a healthy you? You will.

And your life is all about you first. This is when first is best. Because everyone else will follow.

I have come to realise again and again, what I do I model for my children. What I say I impress upon them. What they can hear I sometimes forget. If I never have to worry (too much) because I am putting my health first, then they will do the same.

If I feel good, so will so many other things and people.

If you feel good, life is so much better.

What goes around comes around, it doesn’t have to be a vicious cycle. Make it a victorious one instead.

It all starts with you.

And I am here to help and support you through change.

I’m going to rock this thing.

You can rock this personal journey to improvement thing too! I see that tiny smile of hope.

p.s. LL – you weighed 66.5kgs this morning. ย I just think this inner health thing is working. I wonder if I can burn a lot of calories cleaning the house? And how a fresh, healthy smelling house will also improve the mood. Might I recommend a peppermint powder! It will lift your mood in natural ways like you never thought cleaning could!


One Response to “Healthy body, healthy mind”

  1. loveloulabel September 7, 2012 at 2:11 am #

    Dear lovelies, I would like to add that I shall be posting on lots of the good things that can be poured into your inner self to improve its health and vitality. Things that will help you shine from the inside out. Might I be boring but seriously correct and say, ‘start with water’! At least 8 glasses of water a day will help rid your inner self of toxins and impurities and really will put you whole self on the road to recovery and healthy rediscovery!

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