Baking Soda Clean: Peppermint Power

7 Sep

Welcome my lovelies!

Welcome to one of LL’s first posts about living more naturally in our currently chemical-laden, chemically-overburdened lives where trying to kill bacteria with piles and piles litres and litres AND piles of powders, pastes and pleuchs of chemicals and antibiotics in a bid to prevent us all from becoming sick and unhealthy is, essentially, well, definitely certainly absolutely unquestionably most-likely doing our bodies, our body’s environment, our children, and our world more harm than good. In a bid to protect our future we seem to somehow be preserving it with chemicals that aren’t necessary or at least aren’t necessarily better than other alternative natural options.

Who says being pickled alive is fun? I don’t find burnt nose hair pleasant at all. I’d rather age gracefully (Hollywoodyou hear me??). I’d also rather clean naturally, by default of less chemicals.

Bleach is a chemical peel. I am not a beautician. I have no idea how to safely give myself a chemical peel!

Yes, it can be a great feeling to see a sparkly clean shower that simply required you spray a little something on it and then walk away. But when you walked away the chemicals melted the dirt off and some of the inside of the drain pipe too! And I bet you remember how your nose burned from the smell? yeah, there you go! Not good. You have a cleaner you say? Makes no difference whether their or your nose hair burned, really! Did someone spray that chemical wahoo on your bath and then (hopefully) wipe it and rinse it away and then did someone bath your baby or did you bathe in there? Yeah, hot stuff in the not-so-hot-stuff way! 

I know it’s hard to manage everything. I have children. I know time is very precious and limited and well, hardly accessible. And I know that sometimes we need a little added strength to kill bacteria. But sometimes we need to think about other options and alternatives.

It’s not about being smartest. Sometimes we are busy. But it is about remembering or being reminded.

Sometimes being reminded and then being given ways to do things is easier, more convenient.

I’m happy to be that convenience.

While we cannot deny that in history people have battled health issues with trying to live in streets filled with emptied chamber pot pee less than pristine environments, there are aspects of living like our ancestors that is beneficial and certainly likely more beneficial than some of the harmful chemicals we are exposed to and expose ourselves and our families to everyday.

I had children 6 years ago and I bought top of the range cleansing products, breastfed for 2 years and 1 1/2 years respectively, and made all their baby food with fresh produce, because I thought that was the best option. Turns out I didn’t really think about these things properly.

A couple of Christmases ago, my Grandmother gave me a book. It changed my thinking about health and life and options. It made me think, about everything.

Change can be effective immediately, it can also be a slow, progressive, process.

I can say that I do not have a bottle of bleach in my laundry, but I do have a few chemicals. But I can tell you that I almost never use them (shoe cleaner? pishhh we have muddy shoes).

What I have learned is that you have to think about options and benefits and thinking can be done while you are doing other tasks so we cannot say we don’t have time. Also, there is increasing access to information on health and lifestyle and the benefits of living a more natural, organic lifestyle.

Most of the things I use for cleaning you would find in your everyday pantry. Baking soda. Dishwashing liquid. Peppermint, tea tree, lavender, essential oils (perhaps not everyone).

I want to help grow, extend and strengthen our healthy living options. I think the world can be a better place one person at a time. And at least our world around us will be better for us!

Speaking from experience, the feeling of reward that comes from being able to safely and wisely decrease my family’s exposure to, use of, and access to unnecessary synthetic chemicals is beyond brilliant. I feel like a more wonderful person, wife, and mother for knowing I am not only providing but continually thinking about and looking for ways to provide healthy, organic, and beneficial options for living in the modern world.

These clever cleaning posts are about letting you learn more or find out more about how you might go about doing that too.

The information in these posts doesn’t profess to be anything more than what I believe, based on my research and personal thinking, are healthy, safe, cleaner, greener, or more natural options or alternatives allowing my family to live better more organically, naturally, healthily.

Science is well-known to submit and withdraw it’s mantra’s on life, lifestyle, and health on a permanent basis. I regularly feel like I have heard/read/has been instructed suggested that this is what you should take/do/be to cure everything and then 5 seconds/minutes/days/weeks/months/years/centuries later we are told that oops sorry we were wrong up-to-date/modern/new information indicates that too much/too little/any exposure to/consumption of/thinking about might/will/ought/probably/we don’t know/insert your outcome might kill you isn’t the best choice.

Today I read mammograms might actually increase your risk of breast cancer. What? Seriously, Doc, will we never get anything remotely close to right, right now?

Right, all that palaver out the way. I am offering you the opportunity to find some things different to add to your lifestyle that are easy, quick, cheap enough, and are natural alternatives to their chemical counterparts.

I promise that you will feel rewarded in the knowledge that you are using less chemicals in your life.

Today’s Clever Cleaning is highlighting an all-rounder product that can be used from kitchen to laundry, bathroom to garage. There are no bounds to the applicability of this product to help you clean your spaces without the need to burn the hairs in nostrils, fill your lungs with scalding chemicals, or leach chemical compounds into your children’s bodies.

In fact, instead I can promise you greater peace of mind as you clean, and a house that will smell divine for hours/days and days! Honestly. Cross my heart, hope to die live longer than statistics suggest, poke a needle in my eye make my lips coloured with a natural dye! No here baby.

Baking soda clean (and shiny and fresh and lovely and and and I’m all excited!)! Baking soda is a well-known natural salt product which acts to break down proteins and neutralise acids. It has applicability across the spectrum. It is the basis for my most used cleaning product.

Baking Soda Clean. Peppermint Power.


500g baking soda

2 tspns tartaric acid

2 tblspns finely grated natural soap

10-20 drops essential oil (peppermint, lemon, orange, rose, tea tree, or lavender are good anti-bacterial options – do check which is best avoided during pregnancy/breastfeeding if you are/might be either)

10 mls water

Mix all ingredients to a damp light powder/paste. Store in an airtight container. Apply a small amount using a damp cloth or scourer. Rub over dirty surface(s) and then rinse away. No chemical residue but a lovely aroma will fill your spaces for hours to come.

When I have washed surfaces with this paste I can still smell the beautiful scent the following day. I love using a peppermint version as it is uplifting and the smell is divine for days to come!

I also love that I don’t have to worry about my children having a bath after I have cleaned with this product. Baking soda benefits!

This powdery paste can take a bit of getting used to, though I find it very easy to apply as a cleanser to bathroom surfaces and any other surfaces that need cleaning. On tougher dirt I apply using a scourer.

This product is also an amazing stain remover on stubborn clothing stains. Simply apply with vinegar, or more water to the stain, leave overnight to dry and then wash as normal the following day. Tougher stains might benefit from the paste being gently applied with a soft toothbrush.

Happy naturally clean household lovelies!



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