Hello lovelies!

3 Sep

Welcome to somewhere irreplaceably different.

Sitting here on WordPress I feel all posh and conforming (bleuch) but really this www location, well, it’s just a picnic spot for achieving difference.

Do you ever feel like things could be better, or that everything is wrong? It’s a perpetual unbliss that happens to all of us at some point in our lives.

I feel like that sometimes. But lately I’ve been feeling like that a lot, a lot.

I’m not happy with my inner health; my outer appearance; my attitude; my mental place; my emotional status; the professional me; my parenting tone; the social atmosphere; the way the world rolls.

And I’ve decided that I can do something about all of those problem areas!

It’s a mindset.

That I have apparently just conjured up from nowhere, yesterday; it has just poofed into my head out of thin air (no smirking about thin air in my head now, that’s not nice!).

I have realised that life is about change; it’s about being different while swimming in sameness, in the same sea, if you will.

I decided I don’t want the matching bathing suit or to be a proactive synchronised swimmer.

I want to be me. I want to be and to feel free to be me.

To me that means being different. Irreplaceably different.

This blog is a chronicle of change. Mine.

To change my physical self – inside and outside;

To change my mental self;

To change my emotional me;

To change the professional me;

To change the world…

I am going to help make the world a better place by chronicling how to find your happy place.

Change requires honesty, so please leave your lies and half truths at http://www.delete.com

Being different and being you requires honesty and accountability to yourself, but sometimes you have to put that truth out there to feel accountable.

This blog makes me accountable (to me) for all to see. And the point of that is putting myself out there.

The other reason for putting myself out there, is that I know at some point, somewhere, someone will learn from this.

Being different requires honesty because you aren’t different by pretending who/what/where/when/why, you are different because you are truly you.

I am me. As of this morning I weighed 68kgs, I puffed on the treadmill, and I rushed my kids through breakfast to get to school early because I prefer being organised and on time. I have toys on the floor and the floor has crumbs that haven’t been vacuumed. The dishes are washed, the washing is out, the beds are made, the kids went off to their days happy, I have done a little work, put off some payments via email, exercised, eaten a hard-boiled egg and some pumpkin soup, started this blog, and I am off to pick up the kids.

How are you? Are you good, great, perfect, happy? I’m good, definitely not great, certainly imperfect, and aiming for happy. The mindset. It’s all about the mindset.

Welcome to Loulabel, please feel free to stay and be different, forever!


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